Our Partner Organizations

We support development projects in Africa that are community-initiated by providing financial and strategic resources. 

Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT) 

Since 1987, URDT has provided locally-driven, hands-on education for youth, girls, women, and communities. URDT empowers people living in rural areas through the URDT Residential Girls School, the Institute for Vocational Training and Youth Leadership, two off-campus community schools, a regional radio station with educational programming, a demonstration farm and an agro processing plant, and community extension services.  

African Rural University (ARU)

As the only all women’s university in East Africa with a rural development curriculum, ARU aspires to create a critical mass of rural transformation professionals. ARU also seeks to advance university-level development research and to give rural communities influence in the national development process. AFPF provided the seed funding for the founding of African Rural University from 2010 - 2018.