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Julia Pettengill Executive Director

Motivated by her passion to see transformation and sustainable change in the lives of individuals in Africa, Julia Pettengill is a deeply committed fundraiser and advocate for women and girls’ education and leadership. She has been connecting individuals in the United States to people and institutions uplifting Africa since she joined AFPF in 2010. Starting as Development Associate, followed by the position of Director of Development, Julia has held an ambitious vision for AFPF.  As a strategic leader, working closely with the Staff, Board and Advisory Council of AFPF, Julia has launched new campaigns and new structures for the organization. She brings creative and thoughtful ideas about how to develop and realize the full potential of AFPF.


Julia has a very personal connection to the mission; beginning with her upbringing in Africa with German parents working for rural development agencies, and later in her own experience as a research consultant for GIZ, FAO and the UN. Prior to African Food and Peace Foundation, Julia worked at the Education Development Center, MSPCC, and as a research consultant on Food Security Projects in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. 


Julia Pettengill earned a BA and her Masters with distinction in Educational Leadership from the University of Cape Town. She serves as co-chair on the Boston Children’s Hospital/ Dana Farber Cancer Institute's Pediatric Patient and Family Advisory Council and is a member of the National Cancer Institute Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma Steering Committee.


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