"Queen of Katwe" to deliver keynote address at 2017 Annual Dinner

AFPF is proud to announce Phiona Mutesi, Ugandan chess champion and subject of the Disney film Queen of Katwe, as the keynote speaker at AFPF’s upcoming Annual Dinner and Fundraiser on November 9th, 6-9pm, at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square, Cambridge.

We look forward to welcoming Phiona Mutesi and her teacher Robert Katende as our special guests and speakers for the evening. Phiona and Robert have visited the URDT/ARU campus to learn about the rural development programs supported by AFPF and share their inspirational stories with the students. Like the students at URDT and ARU, Phiona and Robert both demonstrate how, when given hope and opportunity, people can move beyond the situations into which they were born.

Robert grew up in the slums of Kampala, but pursued an education and made his way to university. Inspired by those who had helped him in his own journey, Robert founded the SOM Academy to teach chess, offer food, and inspire hope for the children of Katwe. It was there that he met Phiona in 2005. Her dedication and talent were quickly recognized - by the age of 11, Phiona was the junior girls’ national champion. Now 21 years old, Phiona is a three-time winner of the Ugandan Girls’ Championship, has represented Uganda at four chess olympiads, and is one of the first titled female players in Ugandan chess history. Today, she is an inspiration to young girls growing up in Uganda and around the world. Phiona and Robert exemplify what can happen when you invest in a girl’s education and give her the opportunity to thrive.


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