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Thank you for your donation!  

Your support is changing lives in rural Uganda.  

You should receive an email confirmation including your donation details.  

If  you do not receive confirmation, please Email us.


These are examples of what your generosity makes possible.

You are a Founder

You are invited to join our Founder's Fund Community with a gift at this level or higher for 5 years.

You are a Visionary

You are holding the vision for a transformed Uganda with a one time or recurring gift at this level.

You are a Leader

Your Leadership gift at this level subsidizes the cost of educating a student at one of our schools for an entire year.

You are an Advocate

Your support speaks volumes and makes it possible for students to have books and materials.

You are a Supporter

Your donation makes it possible for students and parents to learn together through our Two-Generation approach.

You are a Friend

Your gift subsidizes meals for a student for up to 2 months.

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