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Happy Spiring and Summer


Patty Seybold, AFPF Treasurer, and African Rural University (ARU) Council Member, visited URDT in April. See the story below.

Thank you for your ongoing involvement and support! Because of you, the AFPF-URDT partnership continues to fulfill its commitment from the start: To give expression to the spirit of partnership that bonds all peoples of the world. 

During her visit, Patty had the special honor of participating in the first gathering of the African Rural University Alumnae Association. Fifty ARU graduates gathered on campus to connect with old friends. (See photo below.) They told stories of their work in rural communities as Rural Transformation Specialists. They practiced recording their stories using tablets and video. Many expressed their aspiration to become faculty members at ARU. And each of the graduates committed to recruiting one new ARU student for the Fall semester.


A quick trip to the campus. Here is a group of students on International Women's Day. Even if you don't understand the language, watch the dance. We sent this in March but you might have missed it.  It's beautiful to watch. URDT Girls School Poem - YouTube 


A word from Tatra Musheshe, Executive Director-AFPF

When I was 18, I volunteered at URDT. As a communications specialist tackling gender issues and the legal framework, as much as I thought I was giving, I walked away more empowered. I learned from the rural women's community how to attain my visions using the creative process and systems thinking. Today, this visionary approach has led me to take on the role of a women's advocate, human rights activist, creator of social capital, and visionary leader in Uganda and the USA.

Recently, the Uganda Boston Community Association (UBCA) in celebrating International Women’s Day, identified me as a woman of valor who has contributed to the Ugandan community through AFPF by teaching the visionary approach to sustainable development. I aspire to engage in more conversations and implore Ugandans in America to visit the URDT campus. This experience will enable national and international “experts” to listen to and learn from rural people in order to drive community-driven development in Uganda. 

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