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What is an employee giving program?


Employee giving program is a program set up at the workplace to encourage employees to give to the nonprofits of their choice by matching employee donations or volunteer hours.


What are the advantages of engaging in an employee-giving program?


  • Employees feel supported at the workplace when Employers engage in workplace employee-giving programs. 


  • Workplaces with employee-giving programs are likely to retain more talent than those workplaces that do not have employee-giving programs. 


What are the ways employee giving programs are set up?


  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising - Employees match their co-worker's donations. 


  • Employees identify and nominate a non-profit of their choice and the funds are then directed towards the nominated non-profit.


  • Matching Donations - Employer matches employee donation amount or volunteering hours at the non-profit. 

Do these programs run throughout the year? 


It depends. Some programs run seasonally for example Giving Tuesday and others run seasonally a the End of Year.  

Do these programs include volunteering?


Yes, some of these programs run based on the corporate social responsibility of giving back to the community that the workplaces serve. they could include volunteering hours. these hours may be matched with donations per hour volunteered.


How do I get started with a giving program?


Employees can start by inquiring with their Human Resource Department ahead of time. If the workplace does not have the program, the employer can introduce it or include the nonprofit on the list of non-profits.


Employers can encourage employees to engage in these programs. If the workplace does not engage in the program, they can launch it as part of the workplace Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Gift cards that give back

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