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Empower our Growth

Thanks to our friends and community, their support enables URDT to intermediate through consciousness-raising, functional education, and development processes through a human rights-based programming approach! URDT uses the Visionary Approach (principles of creating, systems thinking), that enables whole systems or integrated methodology for individuals and collectively work to the realization of what they truly care about. Our North American friends transcend long-held beliefs of powerlessness to unleash the human spirit for sustainable and stable change!

The Unrestricted funding model. 
AFPF prides itself in a

Long-term. Unrestricted. A small, but vital, funding role at URDT.

Beginning in ourselves, our friendships, and our communities, our quest is to keep developing clear thinking, ethical imagination, and choice-making to uplift the quality of our lives and future.


Whether in the hustle of American life or a subsistence village in rural Uganda, our moral character, material satisfaction, and societal context exist for us to cultivate.


By experiencing the vast differences in our cultures, and through the grace of our bonds as friends, we keep learning more about what it takes to serve the creative and philanthropic spirit. 

Sustain the
African Rural University to Empower
Rural Transformation


Join the Silvana Sustainability Fund

In honor of Silvana Franco Veltkamp, the co-founder of both AFPF and URDT, we have established a fund to support the sustainable growth of the institution she envisioned to transform how rural development is carried out--both in Africa, and around the world: The African Rural University for Women.

Can you make a five-year commitment to support Silvana's dream? The African Rural University? To educate Rural Transformation Specialists, like Resty (above) who will live in rural communities, love the people in these communities, and help those people articulate and achieve the visions of the lives they want to create for themselves and their families?

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