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12- Irene and Immaculate

Sustain the
African Rural University to Empower
Rural Transformation


Can you make a five-year commitment to support Silvana's vision of the African Rural University? To educate Rural Transformation Specialists, like Resty (above) who live in rural communities, love the people in these communities, and help those people articulate and achieve the visions of the lives they want to create for themselves and their families?

In honor of Silvana Franco Veltkamp, the co-founder of both AFPF and URDT, we have established a fund to support the sustainable growth of the institution she envisioned to transform how rural development is carried out--both in Africa, and around the world: The African Rural University for Women.

  • 80+ young women Rural Transformation graduates

  • 51 of them are employed as URDT Epicenter Managers.

  • 540 artisans who were trained by URDT 

  • 34,000 young people. 19,000 of whom have already become entrepreneurs in the last two years.

  • +200 young women and their families educated at URDT Girls School

  • 1,000 young visionary leaders & change agents and created over 1,000 prosperous households.

  • 4,000+ Back Home projects 

  • 12 additional public schools that are using—two-generation approach

  • 13,500 family members in producing sustainable income and good family health.

  • 3M Community Radio Listeners in 10+ Districts

AFPF - Strategy and impact Cycle 10-13-2
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