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The Impact of your gift

URDT Girls' School: A girl attends URDT Girls’ School for a year, where she is able to grow and thrive in a safe academic and social space. Through URDT’s two-generation approach, she shares these skills with her family and implements back-home projects like income-generating gardens and improved sanitation structures. Her family experiences an improved standard of living. She becomes an asset to her family and her education is valued.


URDT Vocational Institute: A young man enrolls in a program at the URDT Vocational Institute, where he explores a variety of trades, builds his entrepreneurial skills and decides to specialize in masonry. He uses these new skills to bring sanitation infrastructure to his community, starts his own business and stimulates the local economy. He becomes an advocate for education in his local community.


 African Rural University for Women: A woman receives an education at African Rural University, where she becomes a rural transformation specialist. A trained graduate, she leads rural communities in sustainable agricultural and rural development practices. She becomes an agent of change in the most remote villages

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